Woman of the World vs Woman of the Word

5 min readMar 9, 2023

What are some of the qualities of a woman of the world? What does that phrase even mean?

A woman of the world is simply a woman who looks just like every other woman. A woman who ‘blends in with the crowd’ and those around her. A woman where if she and other women were talking over text or social media in a group chat, you wouldn't be able to tell which one who is different.

Traits of a woman of the world:

  • Tries to impress others.
  • Her self worth is found in her accomplishments.
  • Is controlled by an agenda.
  • She is discouraged by failure.
  • She expects perfection from herself and others.
  • She looks to her spouse as the primary source for happiness, contentment and fulfillment.
  • She teaches her children the modern way instead of gods way.
  • Her perspective is based on what is seen.
  • Her words do not flatter her or bring glory to God.
  • Her clothes bring shame instead of glory. Hints, the first things that comes to your mind when you hear ‘shameful clothing’ sure isn’t a hoodie and sweatpants.




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