What’s With Adam’s Missing Rib…

3 min readNov 20, 2021

Debunkable theories

At some point in my life, I have heard people ask these types of questions…

“Do men have one less rib than women? Did Eve have more or less ribs than Adam? So then did God make Eve with one less rib to match with Adam?” — This all stems from the biblical story of when Eve was made from Adams rib! A lot of people think that Eve being Made from Adams rib is a myth! “Why did God not make Eve the same way he did Adam?”…check my next blog ‘What is A Women’ for this answer.

Here’s the answer to all of those ‘mysterious’ questions. First off, Both men and women have the same number of ribs (which is 24, or12 on each side of the rib cage).

— One interesting thing I want to point out really quick was that the reason God put Adam into a deep sleep was to take of his rib so the opening of his side might be no grievance to him: while Adam knows no sin; pain wasn’t apart of the original creation before the Fall, sensation was. There was no death, nothing negative or harmful in Gods creation. God would have taken care of Adam and he shall have felt no pain. —

Anyways, the word for “help” means “aid”, this means God designed two human beings to work and fit together not just physically but in every way. The Hebrew word ‘tsela’, a rib (as curved), literally of the body or figuratively (of a door, leaf); hence, a side, literally of a person. God took ONE of Adams ribs.

From this, people like to ask some of the previous questions I mentioned at the begging of this blog. “Well then why do men not have one less rib than women?” Etc.. This is a quick answer, if I loose my finger in an accident, is my child going to inherit my missing finger? NOOO!

Therefore does this contradict the Genesis account? The answer is no.

When the rib was taken out of Adam, he had a missing rib after the fact, but this missing rib, or lack of a rib, was not genetically passed on to his children and therefore Adam’s children would have the same number of ribs that all humans have. So Adam could have lived the rest of his life on Earth with one less rib but this would not have been passed down to his children. Eve would have still had the same original number of ribs (24) God made starting within Adam. This means, the only person with an odd number of ribs would have been Adam!

Therefore, virtually all men and women today have the same number of ribs and there is no contradiction between the Biblical account and modern observation.




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