Tired Of Unwanted Scenes In The Movies You Want To Watch?

Justyce Rain Gould
3 min readApr 28, 2022

Are you trying to watch a certain movie but you hold back because of too much unnecessary adult content, extreme graphic gore, etc.? Its annoying right? Most of the time, it doesn't even apply to the plot of the movie. Your children cant even watch a non-cartoon movie with ease much anymore!

Well here are some tips

VidAngel - you can automatically skip unnecessary scenes or scenes that you really just want to skip over. This site allows you to filter out sex, violence or language; targets sub categories like the graphic portion of violence, or innuendos for sexual topics. It even allows you to pinpoint individual filters such as specific words or certain scenes. #1

This lovely site can be connected to thousands of different movies and TV shows, along with channels! Netflix, apple tv, amazon prime video, HBO, showtime, AMC, paramount and more.

PureFlix.com — This site is a blessing. No ads or commercials, #1 ranked Christian streaming service, all faith based movies.

Enjoy Movies Your Way — This is both an Android app and a chrome extension that unlocks the ultimate streaming experience! You gain access to family friendly filters, trivia, over 100 subtitle languages, various media upgrades and more!

Clearplay — Clearplay is a parental control feature that allows filtering on regular DVD movies. It allows you to skip over or mute undesirable content such as graphic or extreme violence, profanity, and adult content.

Videoskip — This feature allows you to filter out several types of objectionable content from video streams. It can skip sections entirely or simply mute the sound or blank the video. Using the same sections of graphic violence, adult content, profanity, etc.

Sensible Cinema — This allows you to mute or bleep out scenes to DVDs, which can also be applied to Netflix, Hulu, etc.

If you simply don’t want to do all of these but you want to be aware of what’s going to pop up in a certain movie you want to watch, that little ‘Hey heads up!’ moment, just type in ‘commonsensemedia (your movie of choice)’ and it will tell you the violent scenes, sex scenes, and more!

Enjoy your new movie experience with your family!!

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