Security & Confidence … In Christ

4 min readJun 2, 2022

Have you ever struggled with comparison? “ I wish I was as beautiful as her-as handsome as him. I wish I had a girlfriend who does that for me. She’s/ he’s so lucky!”

Comparison blinds us. It blinds us from the beauty of who god made us to be and where he has us. It also blinds us from the beauty of how he made others and to celebrate both! Look to the one who’s made you; it is in this that you find security and confidence in who you are. This type of confidence is that doesn’t change, shift or waver.

The problem with having confidence in ourselves:

As humans, our natural tendency is to rely on ourselves and our own understanding. We trust ourselves more than others, we know ourselves more than other people know us, we know our own deepest darkest secrets. This comes natural to us by our sinful nature. We are already born protecting ourselves and relying on ourselves; for christians and non Christians. The real problem in this situation is that our confidence is so dependent on the circumstances and conditions that are often unpredictable. Things often happen out of our own control. When we rely on ourselves for confidence we end up struggling with our foundation that is set upon confidence. Our hearts are sinful…so now we depend on a deceitful sinful heart for confidence. Our emotions waver, which is why our lord tells us to not lean on our own understanding. We desire sin and fight for righteousness since it doesn't come natural. So what happens here is we have a confidence that is shakable, unsteady and sin driven. We end up basing our confidence on our emotions, appearance, personality and even religion.

Why our confidence should be placed in christ:

Christ is our confidence. Once your foundation is placed upon the confidence of Christ it is stable. Have Christ be your firm foundation; this produces steadfast faith and love. Luke 6:48–49. Our confidence can’t be based upon what we think or feel, it must be based on who we are. Stability is only found in Christ; while this world changes and is sinful, Christ does not change. We can learn from others, observe others but no one can build our spiritual foundation but God. We will go through turmoil and hardship, but our soul will never waver if dependent on Christ. The scriptures tells us that Christ forgives, values all of us, is motivated by compassion, speaks the truth, he offers eternal life, patience, humility…


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