How To Know Gods’ Will

Justyce Rain Gould
5 min readAug 5, 2022

Proverbs 4:7


What is the Will of God:

When the Bible talks about Gods will it usually is speaking of Gods sovereign will or Gods prescriptive will.

Gods sovereign will:

Gods sovereign will is something that will happen no matter what. When God states that something will happen, it does. God wanted Jesus to die on that cross, no man, storm, animal or anything else could have stopped him from taking his last breath on that cross for the sins of this world; that was Gods will and it was going to happen no matter what. How does this relate to us? When we make big plans (relocating to a different country, getting a divorce, having your first child, etc) to the smallest decision (eating a burger instead of salad, turning left at the light, reading, drinking coffee at 8 am, etc), we as Christians take such comfort in his Sovereign will because no matter what we choose to do, good, bad, big, or small, we cannot ruin or change Gods ultimate plans. In these times where youre feeling lost or even uncertain, know that God is certain, unchanging and permanent will that the moment you because adopted to Christ and you became a child of God, nothing can separate you from his love, not even sin. Now even though sin cannot take you away from your salvation, that does not mean that you wont feel the ramifications of sin and your relationship with God starts to sway, so be careful with this statement. Romans 8:38–39.

Gods prescriptive will

This is the other aspect of gods will in which is what he asks his people to do. God has given many commands to his people ( in which many still apply today), but he also allows his people a choice; to obey or to not obey his commands. Don’t expect there to be specific commands for every situation in your life, you will set yourself up for unnecessary failure, but understanding Gods character through his word and his specific commands given enables you to see and seek his will through every single situation throughout your life.

How to seek Gods’ will:

5 tips

1. Mediate on Gods’ word.

When you make any decision, it should line up with what the bible says. The only…

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