Do you Lack Faith because You don’t Understand Why There’s So Many Versions Of The Bible?

Well here's the simple answer on why..



Don't believe in the bible because there's so many versions?
There's a simple answer of why. Do you know Greek? Maybe Aramaic? Old English? How about Hebrew? No? Well that's the the beginning of your answer.

One of the main reasons we see different versions of the Bible is because of the number of manuscripts available, not only that, but the English language has changed dramatically. Not to mention the people who speak one of the other 7,360 known languages? There are over 5,800 Greek New Testament manuscripts known to date, along with over 10,000 Hebrew Old Testament manuscripts and over 19,000 copies in Syriac, Coptic, Latin, and Aramaic languages.

Manuscript Families:

There's 2 manuscript families in these manuscripts: Alexandrian text-type (also called Neutral or Egyptian) and Byzantine text-type (also called the Majority Text).

  • The Byzantine text type looks at all the manuscripts and determines the final reading by what the majority of the manuscripts say.
  • Rather than looking for a collective majority, the Alexandrian text type looks mainly at the date of the manuscript and the region of the world it’s from.

Translation Philosophy:

Once the manuscript families are determined for the translation of the Bible, translators need to decide what translation philosophy they will follow. There are 3 main ideas: formal equivalence, functional equivalence, and optimal equivalence.

  1. Formal Equivalence focuses on translating word-for-word and strives to be as literal as possible. Bibles that fall under the formal equivalence philosophy would be the ESV, KJV, and NASB.

2. Functional Equivalence focuses on a thought-for-thought translation. Its goal is to make the text easy to read and easier to understand. Bibles that fall in this category would be the NLT and NIV.

3. Optimal Equivalence is a balance of word-for-word and though-for-thought where needed for the reader to better understand. The HCSB would be an example of this.




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