Beware of The Darkness of Religion- Luke 11:37–54

6 min readJan 3, 2023

This topic is not only for non christians, nor is it specifically aimed towards a christian audience. This is for everyone who walks the earth. Beware of the darkness of religion

Religion in a simple sense is a set of rules that are unwritten in the bible. All religions are man based preferences on how to get close to God (or A God); in which you’d have to be around the religion long enough to know the unwritten religious rules. When applying these sets of rules or rituals to your life, you become morally superior.

This is what your average person thinks ‘getting close to God’ is all about. This is not a new age practice; Religion goes back centuries before our time and including our time today.

Sadly, most of society’s thoughts when trying to find our path to God and having a relationship with him are, “what are the rules? A.K.A How do I become morally superior? How will my needs be met when entering which religion? Will I have a pleasing outcome with this religion? How can I benefit from this?”

What does religion do?

The problem is that religion offers you a pathway to God, bypassing the relationship with Jesus. It teaches that you can earn a place in heaven and favor in front of God by doing certain things that would be pleasing to him! The Devil’s platter of choice is what I call it.

Understanding these 2 choices will help you understand the dangers of religion and the love of a…




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