4 Ways To Hear God’s Voice

5 min readMay 31, 2022

First you have to know what Gods voice is. What does it sound like? When does it come? Can you hear it or just feel it?

God speaks to us primarily in four different ways.

Through his word:

My favorite! The most distinct, straight forward way to hear Gods voice. Although you still have to be careful on what you receive when you read a certain text; because the way we can interpret text can be different on how they meant in back then since it was written in a different language. This is the reason why we have to meditate, break down and study the word not just glaze over it. The Lord tells you all things you need to know in life in his word, Everything. Relationships, emotions, God himself, depression, lust, anger, adultery, all things he tells you about them in the bible and how to fix them. Knowing we cant fix these things on our own, we look upon Christ which makes us dive deeper into his word. Have you ever sat in a church service and the sermon was exactly about situation that you’r going through and you leave it saying ‘wow i really needed to hear that!” Exactly. The Lord knows, he speaks to you.

Our inner witness (intuition/gut instincts):

Our intuition, or conscience, is a difficult one to distinguish between God’s way and our way. You’r conscious is the voice of your spirit man, this is not your mind speaking. Meditate on the word to know what god says about the different events, emotions, struggles, blessings in your life. You can feel when something is off without having to think about it, some people calls it luck. “Oh i’m glad i followed my gut with this one!” because of luck….And i’m sure God just shakes his head and forgives you. This is God getting your attention! Do not injure your conscious by disobeying it…you will become confused on the rights and wrongs of your consciousness. Stand confident in your conscious, allow the holy spirit to enter you and do its job.

Through that still small voice :

This is difficult because many of us do not still our hearts and still quiet to hear this voice. On the same note, some are not in the word enough to distinguish what is ur thoughts and that small voice from God. Our soul is busy, our brain is running all the time, it takes you to learn control over your spirit and practice stillness. No this is not an audible voice do not be silly and wait for God to whisper in your ear…




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